Friday, June 1, 2012

Graham's Baby Blessing

Four generations of Olsen's
In our Church babies are given a name (Graham Curtis Olsen) and a blessing by their father when they are infants.  So May 6th was the Sunday that our adorable little Graham was blessed.  Jared did an incredible job with the blessing and I think Graham knew something special was being said to him because he did not let out a whimper during the entire blessing!  Graham was surrounded by so much love as all of Cassidy's family and all of Rob' family were in attendance as well as several great friends.  And to make the event even more special,  Graham wore the same blessing outfit that Jared wore when he was blessed 27 years ago.  The men that were in the circle for the blessing were Jared, Poppa, Dave, Jim Wilcox, Chris Selin, Ryan Penman, Jason Attebury, Bishop Mike Nance (our Church actually sent out a letter several years ago requesting that Priesthood circles be kept small and our Bishop likes to make sure that request is honored).

We are so proud of Jared and Cassidy.  They are amazing parents and we know that Graham will grow up to do all the wonderful things that he was promised in his blessing because of them and their examples.

Also another little tidbit of far a genealogy goes Rob was the last Olsen on his Father's side (yes that means that he has no Olsen cousins).  So the pressure was on us to have a son, which we did, and then we past the pressure onto Jared to have a son which he and Cass took care of on the first try.  So the picture you see above are currently (the pressure is now on Graham) all of the Olsen men on that line of genealogy!!


Tim and Heidi said...

Looks like it was a fabulous day! Love the generation picutre!

Brandy J. said...

It was a great day and Graham was the perfect center of attention.