Saturday, August 25, 2012

Byrd Drug Store

Byrd Drug Store has been apart of the town square in Troy since I have been alive.  And a trip home is not the complete without going in for a drink or a sandwich.  So when Amy called up and said meet us there for lunch we jumped in the car and headed that way!

Here is a picture of June, Amy and Sarah Todd patiently waiting for their pimento cheese and ham sandwich - which was worth the wait.  I know - I had the same thing!!

It is so much fun being home and surrounded be familiar places.

Bennie was enjoying a little "chill" time.

 Cooper was enjoying all the play time he was getting with his older cousins!!

And Graham was enjoying all the attention he was receiving too! 

Byrd's is a drug store in the back and a little soda/sandwich/ice cream counter in the front.  I have fond memories of when I use to work at the bank in Troy (during my Senior year of high school) of going on ice cream runs for my office.  They would put the ice cream in cups, then in a box and I would hurry back to the bank before they would melt.  Good times!!

Todd joined us for lunch but the only picture I have of him is with his head turned!!

Thanks to Todd and Amy for the invitation to join them for a fun lunch!!

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