Friday, June 15, 2012

Memorial Day with My Boys

For the past four years each Memorial Day weekend we have rented a condo and gone to Park City with the fam.  It has become a fun family tradition that I know I look forward to. Well over those four years our little family has grown to include two totally amazing little boys that are the apple of there Poppa and TamTam's eye!

Here is Cooper when he was a few weeks short of being four months old on his first Memorial Day Park City trip.

Well of course we "attempted" to recreate a picture of Graham (in the same position as Coop at the same age) on his first Park City trip.  Doesn't he have the biggest eyes!!!  

And of course Graham decided to show TamTam how much he loved her by spitting up on her (Coop did the same thing to Uncle Jared when he came for the first time but unfortunately I could not find the picture)!

We found out that the condo we always stay in us up for sale so of course I decided that we should all pool our money and buy is only a mere $500,000 for a two bedroom, two bath, fully furnished condo.  So maybe next year we will be staying in our own condo in Park City instead of renting.......................................................................NOT!!!!!!!

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Tim and Heidi said...

Looks like it was a good trip! I think you should by it and let Tim and I live there :)