Friday, June 22, 2012

A Sweet Moment

A few days ago Brandy had a writing assignment due for work so I suggested to her that I take Cooper for the day so she could work.  Carole and I had planned to go shopping and to lunch that day so I just took Coop along with us (he is a great little shopper).  So while we were out the following conversation took place between Cooper and Carole.

Coop:  "Grandma, Grandma, Grandma"!

Carole:  "What Cooper"?

Coop:  "Where is Grandpa"?

Carole (totally caught off guard):  "Well Grandpa is in Heaven with Jesus".

Coop pointed to the sky

Coop (a few minutes later pointed to a man that was walking in front of us that was large in stature and had white hair like Alma's):  "There is Grandpa".

Carole:  "No that is not Grandpa.  Remember he is in heaven visiting with your baby sister before she comes to your house".

Coop:  "Oh".

As Cooper got older he was "to busy" to sit still to have his picture taken with Alma so all the pictures I have of the two of them is before the Coopster started walking.

It is totally amazing to me the memory these little ones have.  Alma passed away six months ago but Cooper still remembers him. It was a precious moment to witness.

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